Learn The Real Way Spanish Speaking Surfers Talk!

Do you want to make genuine relationships and hang with the locals on your surf trips?

Are you tired of sounding like a kook?

Surfer Spanish is the ultimate Phrasebook and Dictionary devoted entirely to learning Spanish surf terms and lingo!

amigosMost surf related words and phrases are not found in dictionaries, phrasebooks, online, or with formal teaching systems. If they are, they are rarely in the right context or just not the way locals actually talk about surf.

Surfer Spanish is perfect for the complete beginner who just wants to know a few survival phrases all the way to the near-fluent expat ready to learn the fine nuances of the language.

Surfer Spanish was designed and written only with the help of fluent and native Spanish speakers that actually surf.

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With Surfer Spanish you get..

A 58 page English-to-Spanish phrasebook and dictionary of surf and surf-related terms, phrases, and lingo.


  • 60+ phrases to talk about Surf Conditions.
  • 40+ phrases devoted to the Surf Check.
  • 50+ phrases for Conversation in the Line-Up.
  • 35+ terms and phrases for the Surf Shop.
  • 35+ Board Terminology words and phrases.
  • 25+ terms and phrases for Rentals and Lessons.
  • 20+ Board Repair terms and phrases.
  • 40+ surf-related Medical terms and phrases.
  • Over 150 surf terms for Tricks, Waves, Nature, Lifestyle, and Weather.
  • A full alphabetical dictionary of surf words.
  • An appendix of non-surf basic survival Spanish phrases and numbers.
  • An appendix of non-surf greetings and small talk.
  • FREE content updates and notifications.

Questions? Email me any time at doug@surferspanish.com.